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Sanipex Hungaria Kft

Sanipex Hungaria is a Hungarian company founded in 1993, the exclusive Hungarian distributor of the products of two companies, which represent standards of modern and high technological quality in today’s European industry.

Sanipex is a well-known and distributed water- and heating system in Hungary since 1990. It features a unique patented flanged clamp which includes a number of technological advantages raising during execution. The wide range of products, supplemented with the SANIPEX MT multi-layered pipe system in 2001, meet all the modern technological requirements.

The other product is the SANSYSTEM prefabricated modul box unit bathroom. The company’s manufacturing technology and desing dates back to 25 years, as a result of which the product itself has undergone several changes.
With the purchase of its know-how, the product’s Hungarian production began in 1996, which considerably helped to serve customers in a more flexible way and to set a more competitive price.

Outstanding features of both products are the long life span and the exceptional warranty. Decades of manufacturing and building experience assure the customer that a perfect technological solution is provided. Our company undertake the planning of water supply and heating as well as the adjustment of already existing plans to the Sanipex system with complete specification and bill of quantities.

Our most significant customers are medical and social institutions, hotels, caterers, contracting companies, entrepreneurs and mechanics.

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